Ramping Rapid

Ramping Rapid Marketing 360

To sell you need prospects. Where do these prospects come from and how many do you need to achieve your goals? Should I do marketing campaigns? How many? 


The SMF360 Marketing program is designed to solve these questions.


It all starts by feeding a specially designed tool with basic data of your company and products. After an analysis you will have a marketing execution plan with activities necessary to achieve the number of monthly prospects that your company needs and key indicators that you must measure.


To execute this plan, a Zoho CRM license is included that allows you to have everything under control, run marketing campaigns in social networks and mail. This tool is integrated with our monitoring system. You will be able to see, day by day, the results of the execution and the health status of your marketing funnel in a simple way.


With weekly 1-hour online sessions, you will learn marketing techniques and tactics and review the execution plan.


This is no longer about planning, it’s about doing. To make all those plans come true.