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Zoho Analytics is the world’s most advanced business intelligence application.

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Business intelligence software, reporting and analytics

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It refers to skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and research of past business performance to obtain information and conduct business planning.

Business Consultanial

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business intelligence.

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Zoho Analytics has Zia was developed with AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, machine learning machines are already talking and Natural Language Processing. Are your machines there?

Meet Zia, our intelligent analytical assistant. Write down your questions and watch Zia find the right answers in the form of KPI reports and widgets. Zia uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to help you get information in minutes. LEARN MORE

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Transform huge amounts of raw data into useful reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, review old trends, identify outliers, and reveal hidden information.

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Visual Analysis

Zoho Analytics is a SAAS of business intelligence and data analysis with which you’ll achieve more efficient viewing of your data with compelling dashboards in minutes.

Why Zoho Analytics?

Today, business data is often separated into files, web sources, databases, cloud storage services, and online or offline applications. No matter where your data is, you can now use Zoho Analytics to perform analysis and generate reports in detail. Data synchronization is automatic and can be scheduled to occur periodically.

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Visually analyze your data Create reports and dashboards with a super simple “copy and paste or drag/drop” designer.


Use different visualization tools to drill down into the details.


Get and combine data from a variety of sources. Transform huge amounts of raw data into useful reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, review old trends, identify outliers, and reveal hidden information.

Cambina data

Combine them to create cross-functional reports and dashboards and see the status of your business across departments.


Discover hidden information about your raw data
Transform huge amounts of raw data into useful reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, review old trends, identify outliers, and reveal hidden information.

Meet Zia


You have one more resource you have Zia, ask Zia, your smart super assistant

Your assistant

By voice or write your questions and detail how Zia provides correct answers through reports and applications of your key indicators.


“A consultancy revolutionizes your business with Zoho Analytics’ white label solution”
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Daniela Hernandez
Commercial Manager
“Zoho Analytics empowers Institute of Training and Development.”
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Emily powers
Purchasing Analyst
“Zoho Analytics, a simple but compelling BI r software, made our lives easier to import, integrate, and analyze data. Visualization is another advantage in this product, and the panels are very attractive”
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Maurizio Pisana
IT Manager.
“Since we implemented Zoho Analytics, we have seen an incremental growth of almost 20% in gross sales.”

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Patricia santander
General Manager of Sales, Southern States


Frequently asked questions and answers.

How do I get started with Zia?

In Zoho Analytics, click the “Ask Zia” button in the left navigation bar and ask Zia your questions.

Is my data safe with Zia?

Yes. More than 35 million users trust Zoho. We have a strong privacy policy and security infrastructure.

What languages is Zia available in?

Zia is currently only available in English.

Where can I learn more about Zia?

You can consult our help documentation to learn more about Zia.

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A great fundamental skill for the Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) is the ability to understand, converse and illuminate the specific business domain of the industry and particular organization being analyzed.

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