The Box Club Transforms Men’s Fashion In Mexico With Zoho One.

When The Box Club was founded three years ago, they knew they needed a CRM that could integrate seamlessly with other tools across the business. Watch how The Box Club uses Zoho One to manage the back end of their entire business and how it has “changed their lives.”

Making men dress better, The Box Club with a different approach, engages with their client by interviewing a customer and understanding their life style and likes , with the interview they gather enough information to box their customers needs, at the beginning their tools excel, Dropbox, etc were very primitive tools  and took a lot of time to understand their clients needs.

They look into Sugar, Salesforce etc and could not find a way to integrate and have instant reports, with ZOHO they integrated all of their application and in one tool, changed the way and life that Box Club engages with their customers.

They strongly recommend Zoho, contact us to change the way you do business, we will help you with that. Watch the video below (Spanish).


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