Digital Fitness Plan

Through our Digital Ramping application, each employee takes an assessment and receives a Digital Fitness score.
Employees see their Digital Ramping score and see how they compare against their department and organization. A tailored learning plan is created based on their score.
Employees boost their Digital Fitness score through bite-sized, addictive content tailored, packaged, and contextualized to them.
Through My Ramping Fitness Plan, employees can choose personal, measurable weekly learning plans that suit their schedules and target the gaps in their Digital Fitness score.
With organization-wide insights, evaluate your current workforce’s strengths and opportunities and identify talent gaps.
Then make the aggressive move to start hiring and injecting new talent.
Create collaborative engagement models and move at the speed of a startup.
Build environments such as labs, alternative workspaces, and sandboxes that fuel innovation and collaboration.

A Blueprint for Digital Transformation by Raj Ramesh