Sales and Marketing Strategies that Work with CRM Zoho Sales Strategies- There is always a faster and better way to grow. We help clients by improving their Marketing Channels (Google Ads, Events, Customer Visits, Phone Calls) to accelerate and scale your Business.

Improve Sales Structures by Increasing your sales conversion rates , reduce your sales cycle (sell more in less time) and close more deals in less time on average 30% improvement per business. Efficient Sales Strategy, Sales Structure, CRM Zoho Sales Strategies and Successful Sales Plans.

 CRM Zoho Sales Strategies

CRM Zoho Sales Strategieses

SMF360 - Our Company -

SMF360 was founded for small and medium-sized companies struggling to grow their businesses due to the challenges in the initial stages of “existing and surviving”, keeping their businesses afloat, we bring the fast and transferable experience in sales, marketing and finance 360 large corporations such as (Konica, Siemens, Deloitte, Warrington Business Partnership) with integrable, efficient and economic technology such as that of Zoho so that in a fraction of investment they can grow and scale their businesses for a very long term, most businesses grow more than 40%.

Increase Sales and Marketing

In order to  remain in business, profitability and growth are important and necessary for a company to survive and remain attractive. Profitability is, of course, critical to a company's existence, but growth is so much important to long-term survival. 50% of the Top 500 Companies do not exist today, so SMF360 was born to help business grow with CRM Zoho Sales Strategies, Sales Structures from Companies like Konica and Siemens.

Growth for a business is essentially an expansion, making the company bigger, increasing its market and ultimately making it more profitable.  If a company has more than 50%  weak areas, such as sales or marketability, a premature attempt to grow will ultimately collapse the business.

There are 5 stages of any organization;

  1. Exist (Input  < Output), Issues with gaining customers and maintaining them.
  2. Survive (Input > Output), business has shown that is commercial viable and maintains customers.
  3. Success (Net Profit greater by 30%), tough decision is to see if business owners can scale the business, new activities for the owners.
  4. Take Off (Profit > 30%), the challenges here are how to scale rapidly and how to finance the growth.
  5. Resource Maturity ( Scaling by 80%), must consolidate and control finance.

With Marketing and CRM Zoho Sales Strategies that works in Organizations like Konica and Siemens with technology very economically priced we help Small and Medium sizes companies scale their business focused in growing and accelerating.

CRM Zoho Sales Strategies

What we do

Optimize return on sales investments. 

Cutting sales costs without losing revenue is both art and science. Our collaborative approach helps companies gain transparency on the performance of their route-to-market mix while identifying potential improvement areas and concrete ways to achieve them, such as creating lean back-office sales operations.

Find and capture pockets of “granular growth.”

Nearly every company with a dispersed customer base and a large number of sales transactions has considerable opportunity for organic growth if it looks at the right level of granularity. We help companies take a fine-grained view by geography, industry segment, and offerings to find the hidden pockets of growth—including often overlooked small and medium-sized business segments—and then tailor the strategies and approaches needed to capture them.


Customers are increasingly moving across all channels to get what they want. Some of them demand increased services for certain transactions while others prefer low-touch, 24/7 interactions. We help companies form effective selling strategies in all channels from key-account management to digital sales to indirect channel partners. Clients base these strategies on precise assessments of channel performance, channel economics, and customer preferences, we use CRM Zoho Sales Strategies in our Ramping Programs to scale organizations.  see how Amazon grows with a CRM.

Today’s big company sales organizations often consist of thousands of people spread across vast geographies. To boost the effectiveness of these far-flung organizations, we help build necessary skills in the organization by providing innovative, hands-on programs that include performance dialogues, train-the-trainer capability building, and a “field and forum” approach for sales managers that combines classroom and on-the-job learning. This component is critical in achieving sustained improvement with CRM Zoho Sales Strategies.



Transforming a multi country sales force in record time A rapid ramping transformation program helps the dispersed sales force of a direct-services company increase lead-conversion rates by 24 percent and opportunity close by 20 percent with CRM Zoho Sales Strategies.
Improvement in Marketing leads
More Sales
Improvement in customer retention
shorter sales cycle

What our clients say

I have known Max for around 15 years now and I can honestly say he is enthusiastic, hard working, reliable and gives 110% to whatever he is doing.

Max is very personable and loyal fun to work with whilst always having an eye for helping business. I wish he was still in the UK as I could use his talents in my business to develop more contacts and drive the business forward.

Warrington Business Venture – CEO Sandra Brusby OBE CEO - OBE - Business Venture England, UK

Max, a great professional business entrepreneur, I worked 6 years with Max whom I reported to as my Siemens PLM leader, he has a lot of energy, very much focused in getting the business goring, thriving and motivating, always moving the business forward to growth, we optimized our sales process and developed a territory plan which helped us achieve great growth.


“We were losing money and we jumped up our sales with SMF360, Coaching us”

Isaeng – Siemens Partner Engineers Software

How Can we help?

Work on your business CRM Zoho sales strategy or digital transformation or better and do both.

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a digital transformation?

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Math is Logic

Math is a language that you use to describe statistics, but really it's about collecting information and putting it in an order that makes sense.

1 Blue + 1 Red =  1 Purple = 1 color

1 Business +1 SMF360 = 2 Results

1 Father + 1 Mother = 1 Son/daughter = 3 Members of the family.

Math is the logic you put to things.  Max Perez

CRM Zoho Sales Strategies