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The way we do business has become digital through website, social media, emails and mobile apps. Waiting times have been drastically reduced with self-service, and customers prefer real-time engagement with businesses. The internet has accelerated this digital transformation of customers and selling is all about delivering a good customer experience. Customers expect real-time attentiveness and personalisation: you need the right technology and the right methods to make that happen, a customer journey is critical.


Particularly, a strong CRM that is multichannel-- that engages them in all of their channels-- in a holistic way. So that it brings that particular context of the customer across a variety of engagement channels. So to give an example, a customer could have tweeted about your product or asked a question on Twitter, and now you are responding to it from your CRM. And you also have to make sure that this response reaches the customer and it reaches the Twitter audience, because they are not only speaking to you. They are speaking to their followers. And when we respond to that email, we also now have to make sure we respond to the tweet because it's also going to their followers.


We provide the technology-- the application-- the technology-- to do all of this. We first monitor all of the channels. We give you the relevant contextual information. We correlate the information across all of these. And we have the AI, Zia, to correlate all of these and make sure that you understand what is the best time to contact this customer. What is the full context of that customer engagement. That's where the technology of our CRM technology comes in.


Every interaction-- everything that we do-- it's everything that you, as a sales person or a support person, who is tracked on everything. We have SLAs on this. We have dashboards. And we also give you-- from our AI, Zia-- it learns about all these interactions. It flags anomalies. For example, there's this interaction is going on too long. There is something wrong here. Maybe you are not actually getting this right. All of this. So it automatically escalates it. So that means that when an interaction goes on too long-- when there is like three or four repeated-- that means maybe the customer is getting frustrated. It does sentiment analysis. All of these come together to give you the full context so that you can respond in an appropriate way to that customer.


Zia is Zoho's AI-- artificial intelligence-- for all of Zoho's technologies. And it started out in CRM. Recently, Zoho added the voice capability, so that-- in Zoho's CRM, you interact with Zoho's CRM and all these databases through voice commands. It's much like Alexa works. In this case, it is purposed towards the sales and customer support interactions. That is Zoho's  Zia Voice.


We have designed it with user experience in mind. It is easy to set up. It's even easier to use every day. And we also provide the voice interaction, which is the first conversational interface to a CRM in the world. And we provide that so that people on the go can interact from their phone with the voice command. And you can get all of the contextual information quickly. You can pull it up. It's exactly the way the consumer technologies work, but brought for the first time in the full business context.

Customer relationship evolving in, say, the next five years?

All of the technology-- we provide all the technologies, but still the human-- the customer-- is at the centre of all this. Because we are not selling to machines. We are not supporting machines. Ultimately, we are selling to and supporting human beings. That's something that no organisation should ever forget. That means that we should treat the technology as an enabler of better customer experience-- the human experience. And that has to shine through all of this. And so all of these technologies-- what it allows us is to respond promptly-- respond with full context-- so that if, say, two or three different salespeople or support people are interacting with the customer, you still have the full context. And you still understand the sentiment involved. You still understand this customer is happy. This customer is getting frustrated. All of that the tools can provide. But ultimately, the human has to take this forward-- that relationship forward. That's something that should never be forgotten in all this.

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