Listen Carefully These Next Minutes can change your whole live – Will Smith

Why am I sharing this with you, The last two weeks I have been dealing with teams that have no focus and no goals, How did Coca Cola beat Pepsi and Pepsi never recover? People, Focus and Teamwork.  Why did Toys R'us my daughters favorite store go out of business, Focus, People and Teamwork.

The War is in your mind, it is You and only you who can STOP today and if you "organize and implement discipline in your life" You can Win.

Self, Self , Self Discipline is the fundamental ingredient for SUCCESS, Don't Just say Yes , yes , yes ,

Can you believe 99% of the people "  Did you Listen 99%  do NOT make their dreams come true, does that mean we focus on the wrong things, is it fear?, is it a lie? we prefer to live in or are we just mediocre?.

The Marines have a saying, everyone wants to go to heaven no-one wants to die, We all want to have things and progress but are not willing to take the right steps.

Change, Change, Change all the habits that do not function well, change the way you sleep, the way you eat and how often or less you do it, but its up to you and your self discipline.

Every single day, we choose shit that are NOT in our own best interest, every day the world gets us down, and takes us deep into the low, and what are you going to do about it, hit yourself in the balls? Wake up and do something positive from today and the next 21 days you will see changes, follow the leaders for a while and you will quickly become one, build on credibility, empathy and logic.

Change the environment for example if you want to be more productive start by no having any thing at all that disturbs you from doing what you have to do, have clear goals, clear mind and do not stop till you achieve your goals, don't be a loser and give up half way through, because that is what losers do.

Build the character that is associated with you and the most important issue here, is get things done, get them done. get it done.

If we live a lazy and undisciplined life and act on emotional feelings, we will make poor choices that we will regret later on.

Make the right decisions, stream down your decision making and take control, Focus, FOcus, FOCus, FOCUs, FOCUS.

Its all down to DISCIPLINE, immediate pleasure and  for long term self respect.

Self discipline yourself if you want to be happy, the road is discipline your behavior, That is All is YOU

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