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The Go-To-Market Challenges Of B2D Companies with Plan included

The Future for B2D looks bright

The future for B2D is bright, and it remains to be seen how big these companies can actually become. A company like GitHub shows the promise of this market. The question is: Will a company like GitHub blaze a path for other B2D startups up and down the stack to flood into and create a company to the size and scale of an Adobe, which paired software and service solutions for all kinds of developers? As so many technology and company builders are aware of today, the opportunity to do it is right there, within their grasp, and it will be fascinating to watch this space unfold over the next decade.

B2D companies are a special breed.  Initial of B2D stands for business to disrtibutors.

But at some point in their lifecycles, B2D companies typically adopt the B2B go-to-market strategies SaaS companies seem to have perfected in the past few years: inside and outside sales teams, demand generation marketing teams and customer success teams. The metrics of cost-of-customer-acquisition, funnel conversion rates, upsell and cross-sell effectivess, net churn rates and lifetime value apply equally well to B2D companies as their SaaS cousins.

The slides below, even though it might seem %$#$^&7 somehow confusing is quite simple, This go to marketing plan helped me make and exceed my numbers and made a lot of my distributors a lot of money, I executed this plan whiles working at Siemens for the Americas Channel Management, made my region the biggest growth in Americas as stated by our Sr VP at the time in a press conference.

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