Simple, Actionable Selling Advice for Small Businesses


Inbound Leads, Sales IQ, Social Management Software engaging with “everyone, and I mean everyone” Web Page if its not generating business CHANGE it, Conversion rate its important, see what works and duplicate what is working, engage, engage and engage. Lead Generation it’s a most. Always keep your distributions channels healthy and improve the metric and keep track of those. ALWAYS BE MARKETING.


Sales Stages, everyone has a sales stage and every prospect has a purchasing stage, qualify, analyse, recommend and close, always be closing the sale at every stage.  See our blog for Forecast and Pipeline and ALWAYS BE SELLING


Get paid, If you invoice 30 days, be on the buzz but be on the chace, and when you get paid it’s a great opportunity to sale again, lol yes an order or a purchase it’s not a sale until you get paid, look after your cash flow. ALWAYS BE IN FINANCE

I will leave you with the following statement.

A Small Entrepreneur is a great detective, great psychologist  and a fantastic Story Teller (true ones).


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