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3 Great Tips to become a better leader

Welcome to 2017, leadership at its best has changed a lot from the 90’s, We have to groove with our team. Working on a project today,
and making notes, I came across this video, why am I sharing this with you, because I strongly believe the world is changing so quickly and think of this Instagram did not exist 6 years ago, well look at it now one of the leading branding platforms in the world (remember this please, only remember if you really want your business to be successful) Social Marketing is  just marketing and market awareness, the sales part is down to you, (we can help you with that too).

So to the point, the world is changing everyday, but our basic skills of leadership I have found are sometimes in the primitive world, so 3 things really important in today recruiting and motivating employees.

1 Get involved Get to know your team, Show you care.
2 Get the timing right to address important points across the team.
3 Follow up with accountability and responsibilities.

Just do this 3 basic things and you will notice changes in your business. Remember is happening in your watch.



So 3 Basic important items to remember, focus, practice and practice again and again till you get it right.

Happy Leading.



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